Organizational Summary

Management/Board of Directors

Executive management of Creative System Consultant Sdn Bhd.

Business Development

Brings in new clients/projects for Creative System Consultant and helps to manage the ongoing communication with existing clients and manages the business development activities.

Technical Development & Services

Through project-team set-up lead by Creative System Consultant project manager, implement projects to specification, on time and within budget. The team designs, builds, tests, trains, convert and install proposed system.

Software Development & Support

Researching into the emerging technologies in banking and telecommunication assists in the technical aspects of on-going projects. Provides RDBMS, application & customer support within the maintenance agreements signed with clients. Trains technical staff for career advancements and acquire technical and business competency within Creative System Consultant focused business areas.

Administration & Account

Accomplishes the administrative duties Creative System Consultant, which include human resources, finance and general administration.