About Us

CREATIVE SYSTEM CONSULTANT was incorporated on May 1999, as a software, systems integration and IT consultancy company. Creative System Consultant was a software development and research center and located at Metro Centre, Bandar Tasik Selatan, Kuala Lumpur.

CREATIVE SYSTEM CONSULTANT was founded and managed by individuals experienced in finance/banking and information technology, IT consultancy, client server system development and corporate management.

A fully Malaysian / Bumiputra-owned company; the company was started with a handful of IT/technical staff knowledgeable in system management with financial and banking businesses. Setting-up for future growth, the company had undertaken regular recruitment and fresh intakes of IT professionals with proven experience in banking/ finance and IT; and excellent academic background.

CREATIVE SYSTEM CONSULTANT helps organizations maximizing value from investments in information technology by supplying consultancy, software and systems integration to the highest professional standard.

Focusing our activities in below mentioned market-segments; reaping the benefits of new but proven technology of open client-server or Web-based environment:

Integrated banking and financial systems.

Integrated information management systems.

Data warehouse and EIS (Business Intelligent)

Barcode solution.

Integrated Financial Management System.

Open RDBMS and business applications Competency Center; providing technical support and software/application related education.